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Interior Design Services offered by AW Interiors

AW Interiors is a renowned interior design firm that offers our clients a wide range of interior design services. Dive into some of our unique services below:

New Construction
Interior Design Services

What we do for you

Our team is skilled in understanding the unique challenges of new construction projects, such as working within a budget, meeting specific design criteria and working with the contractors and architects to ensure the project runs smoothly. We work with our clients to develop a gorgeous design concept for their new space, creating functional and efficient layouts and selecting the appropriate materials, colours, furnishings and finishes. We provide the lighting design, furniture selection, as well as custom design elements such as cabinetry, millwork and built-in features.

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Interior design services

What we do for you

AW Interiors is now offering renovation interior design services to clients looking to update and refresh their existing spaces. Our team of experienced designers can help with everything from conceptual design, space planning, and layout design to selecting materials, colours, furnishing and finishes.

We also specialize in custom design elements to create a beautiful and functional space, reflecting your style and preferences while considering the unique challenges of renovation projects at the same time. AW Interiors can help you make the area of your dreams become a reality room, whether with a minor renovation or a complete renovation overhaul.

What we do for you

AW Interiors also offers commercial interior design services to clients looking to create functional and visually appealing space for their business or organization. We have the expertise to design and execute projects of any size, from small retail spaces to large commercial buildings.

Our commercial interior design services include creating functional and efficient layouts, space planning, and conceptual design.

We also specialize in custom design elements to create a unique look for each commercial business as well as follow guidelines to keep continuity between multiple franchises.

We have many repeat clients in the commercial and property development sector and have designed and enjoyed many launches of large-scale real estate developments in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Interior design services