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Funhouse Penthouse - Downtown

Explore the Elegance of Funhouse Penthouse - Downtown

Step into an experience you won’t soon forget with the Funhouse Penthouse – Downtown Dubai. This exclusive location showcases grand amenities and stunning views that will take your breath away. From luxurious out of the world furnishings to spaces showcasing the breathtaking views of downtown, the Funhouse Penthouse is an unforgettable experience you won’t want to miss. Bold, eccentric styles, charismatic furnishings and a style second to none – this Penthouse was created for fun, enthusiastically designed by the AW Interiors team.

Amazing Amenities for Every Occasion.

AW Interiors designed the Funhouse Penthouse to offer a variety of amazing amenities for every occasion and every family member. From areas to entertain guests, a cozy, beautiful Lounge to the soaking up of the grand views from the beautifully designed balcony on any night. The team emphasized the ability to let the children’s imaginations go wild with rooms filled with fine and gross motor activity stations and colors to compete. With many unique features, bright colors and optimistic variations, this penthouse design experience is one you won’t soon forget! A definite favorite in the AW interiors office, lots of fun was had creating this memorable home.

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