Luxury 2 BR Apartment

AW Interiors, the renowned interior design firm based in Dubai, recently completed an Apartment Furnishing Project in  the prestigious Bluewaters. 

We furnished the entire apartment which included two Guest Rooms, a gorgeous Master Bedroom as well as the beautiful kitchen. We created custom-built furniture and implemented the design from start to finish.

Apartment Furnishing project in Bluewaters

The completion of the apartment furnishing project in the prestigious Bluewaters by AW Interiors is a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality interior design solutions.

By furnishing the entire apartment, including the two guest rooms, the master bedroom, and the beautiful kitchen, our company demonstrated its ability to create a cohesive and functional space.

The use of custom-built furniture shows the company’s focus on personalization and its ability to create furniture that meets the specific needs and tastes of the client.

The fact that the design was implemented from start to finish according to the client’s taste highlights the company’s dedication to delivering a truly unique and customized space.
This project showcases the expertise and professionalism of AW Interiors as a leading interior design firm in Dubai.

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